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Probate is the process of legally establishing the validity of a will before a judicial authority. The Law Office of William L. Meek is here to help you navigate your way through probate.

Estate Administration

Estate Administration arises if the deceased is legally intestate. Where no will is left, or the will is invalid or incomplete in some way, then administrators must be appointed. They perform a similar role to the executor of a will but the administrators must distribute the estate of the deceased according to the rules laid down by statue and the common law. The Law Office of William L. Meek is available as an administrator to distribute such estates.


A conservatorship is a legal arrangement that gives an adult the court-ordered authority and responsibility to manage another adult's financial affairs. If an adult becomes unable to handle daily financial affairs, someone else must step in to manage their financial affairs. The Law Office of William L. Meek is available for requesting a court to appoint a conservator and to assist you during the process of the conservatorship.


A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority and duty to care for the personal and property interests of another person, one that is incapable of caring for their interests due to infancy, incapacity or disability. The Law Office of William L. Meek is available to help appoint, select or remove a guardian from a guardianship.


Working with an attorney during an adoption is beneficial for all parties. I work with individuals and couples, including stepparents and grandparents, in open and closed adoption proceedings. I am here to assist you in completing and filing all the necessary documents to initiate the adoption process and act as your advocate in all hearings and proceedings until the adoption is final.

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